Quotations of Bharat Scouts and Guides
No. Date Subject quotaion
D-8-16/3250/2017-18 15.12.2017 Quotation for Supply and installation of Electric Panel Board
D-8-16/3216/2017-18 12.12.2017 Quotation for the Hand Wash and Paint
ssd/11/608to619/2017-18 27.11.2017 T-Shirt(EMB.NAI LOGO). Quantity = 2000 Nos in All Sizes.
ssd/11/586to607/2017-18 27.11.2017 Beret Cap Good Quality Quantity 30,000 Nos In Sizes.
ssd/11/567to585/2017-18 27.11.2017 Quotation for printing of NHQ Receipt Book.
ssd/384to405/2017-18 29.09.2017 Quotation-Supply of Items.
ssd/365to383/2017-18 27.09.2017 Quotation-Handouts & Certificates Surf Smart.
ssd/207to308/2017-18 06.09.2017 SUPPLY OF BHARAT SCOUTS AND GUIDES STRIPES.
ssd/252to273/2017-18 30.08.2017 SUPPLY OF CAP BADGE.
ssd/222to240/2017-18 25.08.2017 Quotation for Printing of Stationery.
D-8-2/1828/2017-18 23.08.2017 Supply of Computer and Accessories
D-8-16 2017-18 10.08.2017 Sealed Quotation for the renovation work (Civil&Sanitary)
ssd/11/155/2017-18 06.07.2017 Quotation for supply of School of 5 project badge Quantity = 50,000 Nos.
ssd/11/127/2017-18 19.06.2017 Quotation for Printing of Progress Card Booklet for Cub & Bulbul, Scout & Guide, Rover & Ranger
ssd/11/109/2017-18 16.06.2017 Quotation for supply of SOCKS in three colour.(A). Camel colour = 2000 (B)Black = 5000 (C) White = 3000. Total Quantity 10,000 Nos.
ssd/11/108/2017-18 16.06.2017 Quotation for supply of WHISTLE Plastic. Quantity = 20,000 Nos.
ssd/11/107/2017-18 16.06.2017 Quotation for supply of State Name Badge Quantity=20,000 Nos.
ssd/11/77/2017-18 08.06.2017 Quotation for Printing of Participation Certificate & NAI Merit Certificate
ssd/11/44/2017-18 22.05.2017 Quotation for Printing of Calendar-2018.
ssd/11/43/2017-18 22.05.2017 Quotation for Printing of Flag Day Stickers -2017.
ssd/11/42/2017-18 22.05.2017 Quotation for Printing of Dairy - 2018.
ssd/11/41/2017-18 22.05.2017 Quotation for Printing of Annual Report & Audited statement of Accounts.